Cultural experiences


Installation · Paris, France

A reference immersive experience events

In collaboration with the Pearl Group and the architects of the JMCA studio, Holymage participates in the renovation of the Elyseum hall by designing a 270° video mapping device. Located in Paris, near the Champs-Élysées, the place will become in a short time the event reference in term of immersive experience. Holymage has realized more than 60 creations in this place.


· Art direction

· Stage & technical design

· Direction

· Graphic design

· Realtime preview


Client: Elyseum

Architect: Atelier JMCA

Technical provider: ETC Audiovisuel

Design & direction: Holymage

Nouvelle Ere is a graphic show that highlights architecture through optical games and new perspectives.

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A journey through the Parisian night, a tribute to the evocative power of the City of Light.

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