Cultural experiences


Interactive installation · Paris, France

Interactive Box

The "Interactive box" installation has been conceived and designed as a playful, intelligible approach to didactic content. Thanks to a projection system combined with laser Lidar sensors, the animations are triggered by the visitor's actions, highlighting and supporting the content.

The "interactive box" offers the possibility of conveying key messages to visitors, while immersing them in a specific graphic universe, in line with a structure's identity and values, for example. To meet these challenges, our studio chose to take charge of the overall design of the device, from the creation of the print to the development of the animations. The shape of the box, meanwhile, allows us to create a unique space within the scenography, dedicated to a specific purpose or message.


· Technical & stage design

· Print visuals creation

· Animation

· Interactivity programming

· On-site broadcast


Agency: Lever de Rideau

Design, direction & animation : Holymage

Interactivity : Motion Wagram

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