Cultural experiences


Projection mapping · Paris, France

Tempo, the Parisian Symphony

In the heart of the French capital, nearly 400,000 people gathered on the “most beautiful avenue in the world” to celebrate the New Year. An introduction with a playful representation of original city statistics, followed by the TEMPO show, which celebrated Paris as a musical capital, creating a parallel between symbols that make up the city’s identity and the world of musical instruments.

Five major sets were represented: percussion, piano, voice, strings and wind in order to recreate the Parisian symphony. A representation of the effervescence of the French capital, its mix, the Seine as an emblem, its culture and architecture. The final countdown was graced by a dazzling pyrotechnic show that filled the Place de l’Etoile with wonder. 

The show was a success, a unique moment full of emotions and a memorable entry into the year 2020.


· Art direction

· Writing

· Design

· Co-production

· Music


Client: Mairie de Paris 

Production: Cookies production

Concept and scenario: Holymage & Spectre Lab

Design & direction: Holymage & Spectre Lab

Holymage 2D/3D video design: Antoine Géré, Xavier Mailliez, Hoon Kwon, Ouri Levin, Vadim Androussoff, Samuel Frezoul

Spectre Lab 2D/3D video design: Marc Vidal, Jerome Serane, Philippe Granier, Roxane Peuvrier, Mathieu Rouquié

Arrangement, sound design, mix: Guillaume « Mani2 » Le Dain – Delacroix Studio

Mastering: Simon Caponi – Basalte Studio

System operator: Baptiste Jazé

Technical provider: Magnum

Fireworks: Fêtes et feux

Laser: Europe événement 

Light design: Jeff Freeman

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