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Live show · Stockholm, Suède

Eurovision' 61st edition

During the 61st edition, Amir Haddad who represented France performed his song “J’ai cherché”. This year, France reached the 6th place of the ranking after a performance highly appreciated by the jury.

For this performance, France Television and HK corp called upon Holymage for the realization as well as the art direction of the videos surrounding the singer on the stage of the Ericsson Globe in Stockholm. Amir will remain one of the outstanding candidates of this 2016 edition.


· Art direction

· Staging of the show

· Design


Broadcaster: France Télévision

Artist: Amir Haddad

Music: «  J’ai cherché  » / Warner Music France Nazim Khaled, Amir Haddad & Johan Errami

Head of the French delegation: Edoardo Grassi

Choreography: Aziz Baki

Executive production: HK Corp

Design: Holymage

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