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Show · Château de Chantilly, France

Le Rocher des Trésors - Episode II

The seconde episode of « Chantilly, le Rocher des Trésors » gathered more than 20 000 spectators on September 15, 16, 17 and 18 2022. Once again, the castle northen facade and its gardens were the site of a unique experience bringing together video-mapping, music, fireworks, water ballets, actors, cavalry and ringers.

To tell the rest of the castle’ story left at the time of the Grand Condé and Vatel’s celebration, the Duke of Aumale, Prince of Orleans, son of King Louis Philippe, led the audience into an epic tale of adventure, art, war and history. Eight acts during which the foundations and treasures of this jewel of French heritage are revealed by the great historical figures of the place from its apogee with the Bourbon-Condé to its rebirth orchestrated by the Duke of Aumale, whose destiny we followed to Algeria and England.

A spectacular kaleidoscope led by the voices of Franck Ferrand and Stéphane Bern, sponsors of the show, as well as the talented Loïc Corbery of the Comédie-Française who eloquently played the Duke of Aumale. The synergy of artistic and technical skills made this second episode a singular event managing to move and amaze a large audience.


• Writing & script

• Art direction

• Staging of the show

• Scenography

• Music & voice-over

• Animation

• Light Design

• On-site broadcast

• Shooting

• Communication & identity

• Co-production


Production: l’Office du tourisme Chantilly Senlis

Staging & art direction: Holymage

Partner: Le Château de Chantilly

Script: Stéphane Prince

Artist 2D/3D: Joris Dragoman, Samuel Frezoul, Alexis Gabirot, Esther Gartner, Antoine Géré, Ouri Levin, Esther Magne, Xavier Mailliez, Elodie Poidatz, Stéphane Prince, Rodolfo Saavedra

Musical arrangements & sound design: Guillaume Le Dain – Delacroix Studio

Cavalry: Sophie Bienaimé et la compagnie équestre des Grandes Ecuries

Actors staging: Mily Neau

Technicals provider: Magnum

Light design: Mathieu Constantien

Film recording: Estead

Fireworks: Grand Final

Aquatic Show: Crystal Group

Ringers: Les Trompes du Flanache

Media server: Modulo pi

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