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Show · Château de Chantilly, France

Le Rocher des Trésors - Episode I

Chantilly, “Le Rocher des Trésors” is an immersive and innovative show that invites the public to discover the Château de Chantilly’s fabulous history throught an unique visual creation projected on its facade.

Eight acts of an epic tale of adventure, art, war and history, during which the foundations and treasures of this French heritage jewel are revealed by the great historical figures of the place. All accompanied by music, actors, horsesand breathtaking fireworks.

For the 350th anniversary of the sumptuous celebration organized in April 1671 by the Grand Condé for the Sun King, Louis XIV, and orchestrated by the master of ceremonies François Vatel, “Le Rocher des Trésors” invites you to discover the incredible history of the Château de Chantilly, a pioneer in the French art of living!

This first edition was a great success. 15 000 spectators shared this beautiful and unique moment full of emotions and wonder.


· Writing & script

· Staging of the show

· Scenography

· Music & voice-over

· Direction

· Shooting (studio & on-site)

· Light design

· On-site broadcast

· 360° communication & identity

· Co-production


Production: l’Office du tourisme Chantilly Senlis

Staging & direction: Holymage

Partner: Le Château de Chantilly

Script: Stéphane Prince

Artist 2D/3D: Antoine Géré, Xavier Mailliez, Stéphane Prince, Esther Magne, Ouri Levin, Samuel Frezoul, Elodie Poidatz, Arnaud Jourdain, Frederic Boniaud, Alexis Gabirot, Vincent Masson

Musical arrangements: Guillaume Le Dain – Delacroix Studio

Mastering: Simon Caponi – Basalte Studio

Production assistant: Nicolas Nancel

Photogrammetry: Ugo Cassanello

Cavalry: Mario Luraschi

Actors staging: Mily Neau

System operator: Baptiste Jazé

Technicals supply: Magnum

Fireworks: Grand Final

Light designer: Mathieu Constantien

Media server: Modulo pi

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