Project Services
To enrich the Trois Rivières distillery visitor’s tour located in Sainte-Luce in Martinique, we imagined an original creation combining video mapping, lighting and music. The vats and casks on site made a unique surface of projection giving this installation a true charm.


Inspired by the brand’s values and the atmosphere of the place, we create a storytelling around the idea of an immersive and sensory journey through the art of the Trois Rivières rum manufacture. We have highlighted the delicate process of the rum making through the visual evocation of its movements, shapes and scents.


While sublimating the distillery savoir-faire, we wanted to pay homage to the rich natural heritage of the island and signify the influence that this unique territory has on the typicity and aromatic richness of rum.

• Technical design

• Writing and scenography

• Art direction

• Staging of the experience

• Production

• Animation

• Music

• Light design

• Show control

• On-site installation

Client: Campari Group / Trois Rivières
Design & production: Holymage
Technical installation: Fosphor
Musical arrangement: Guillaume le Dain
Music: Duh, Sebastijan (Cézame)