For the launch of the 2015-2016 season at Parc Asterix, a brand new show has been created in the Parc Asterix arenas: “Gauls – Romans: the MATCH.”
This show features a giant TV show in which Gauls and Romans will compete in exceptional games divided into three events.

In order to make the show more dynamic, Parc Asterix has imagined a “Caesar TV” channel whose content would be broadcast on a screen installed in the arena. Holymage was in charge of the artistic direction and the realization of the content of this channel.

Client : Parc Astérix
Autor  ; Thierry Calvet
Director : Jean-Claude Cotillard
Scénography : Fabrice Bollen
Director of photography  : Julien Marie
Head operator  ; Ugo Tsvetoukhine
Sound engineer  : Jean Christophe Lion
Show control  : Kevin Vardon
Video design : Holymage