As a tribute to Hermann, Award winner of the Angoulême Grand Prix, Holymage has staged the universe of the comic book Jeremiah in a real environment thanks to video-projection.


We imagined an original story from several albums of the series. After extracting the characters from the selected panel, the scenes were animated and then projected in an abandoned industrial site in Angoulême.


The shooting took place during the 2017 edition of the International Comic Festival.


This creation proposes a parallel between comics and cinema through a process mixing animation, video mapping and shooting.


Many thanks to Hermann and Editions Dupuis for their kind permission.


Conception and  Direction: Antoine Géré

Assistant Director: Hoon Kwon

Video mapping operator: Kevin Vardon

Music: Mani2 – Demolisha Studio

Technical team: Jon Cottray, Melchior Saunier


• Concept & writing

• Production

• • Staging of the experience

• Animation

• Shooting