Only once in a generation, The Winegrowers’ Festival dazzled several hundreds of thousands spectators in Vevey, Switzerland in the canton of Vaud. Organized by the Winegrowers’ brotherhood, it’s the crowning of “Vignerons-tâcherons” in front of thousands of spectators gathered in arena specially designed for the occasion to pay them tribute. Unique ceremony in the world, real festival of the memory and the identity, since 2016 it is a part of the intangible UNESCO’s natural heritage. This is the twelfth edition, 222 years after the first edition in 1797. 


Some figures : 

Principal scene : 4 000 m2

Arena : 17 000 m2

4 raised scenes 

4 large screens 

LED floor of 800 m2

20 000 spectators per performance 

20 performance diurnal and nocturnal.

5 500 volunteer extras. 

2h30 of pure spectacle.

500 000 bottles of wine.


Winegrowers’ Party of 2019 ended sunday august 11, 2019 on a artistic and poplar fantastic summary. Vevey’s city welcomed more than one million of visitors and the 20 official performance of Danielle Finzi Pasca’s show brought 375 000 spectators, making the Winegrowers’ Festival the most visited edition of the 12 editions since 1797. 


Designed and set up by Danielle Finzi Pasca, the show was a tremendous success. Her artistic success, her contemporary relevance, her poetic and social message focus on the link between human and nature, her childish and playful enchantment, her emotional power et her technological prowess has been hailed both by the Swiss media and by journalists from all over the world.


Production : La confrérie des vignerons

Artistic direction and stage direction : Daniele Finzi Pasca & Julie Hamelin Finzi

Scenographer and arena designer  : Hugo Gargiulo

Costume designer : Giovanna Buzzi

Musical creation and composition : Maria Bonzanigo, Valentin Villard, Jérôme Berney

Co-authors of the poems : Blaise Hofmann & Stéphane Blok

Lighting co-designers : Alexis Bowles & Daniele Finzi Pasca

Choreography : Bryn Walters

Video designer : Roberto Vitalini

Vidéo-design : Holymage

Video technical means : Alabama

TV Production : Julian Nicole-Kay

Broadcast : RTS

©Rights reserved to the Winegrpwers’ Brotherhood of Vevey.