In the heart of the French capital, nearly 400,000 people gathered on the “most beautiful avenue in the world” to celebrate the New Year. An introduction with a playful representation of original city statistics, followed by the TEMPO show, which celebrated Paris as a musical capital, creating a parallel between symbols that make up the city’s identity and the world of musical instruments. Five major sets were represented: percussion, piano, voice, strings and wind in order to recreate the Parisian symphony. A representation of the effervescence of the French capital, its mix, the Seine as an emblem, its culture and architecture. The final countdown was graced by a dazzling pyrotechnic show that filled the Place de l’Etoile with wonder. 


The show was a success. A unique moment full of emotions and a memorable entry into the year 2020.


Many thanks to all those involved in the creation and production of the TEMPO show.


Client : Mairie de Paris 

Production : Cookies production

Concept and scenario : Holymage & Spectre Lab

Artistic direction and realization : Holymage & Spectre Lab

Holymage 2D / 3D realization  : Antoine Géré, Xavier Mailliez, Hoon Kwon, Ouri Levin, Vadim Androussoff, Samuel Frezoul

Spectre Lab 2D / 3D realization : Marc Vidal, Jerome Serane, Philippe Granier, Roxane Peuvrier, Mathieu Rouquié

Arrangement, sound design, mix : Guillaume « Mani2 » Le Dain – Delacroix Studio

Mastering : Simon Caponi – Basalte Studio

System operator : Baptiste Jazé

Technicals means : Magnum

Pyrotechnics : Fêtes et feux

Laser : Europe événement 

Light design : Jeff Freeman